Turn it off, then turn it back on.

They will notify her.

The man is starving.

He seems sick.

Who recommended Stevan for the position?

Leith can do anything.

I invited him to the party.

He can stay here for one night, no longer.

Your work didn't come up to our expectations.

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I forgot to stick the stamp onto the letter to be sent.

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Duncan didn't tell me the whole truth.

He put the skis on top of the car.

Advance two steps.


I didn't mean for that to happen.

Where did you soil them?

To be a good batter, you've got to hang loose and follow your instincts.


Let's have a moment of silence.


Ask Rolf what he's doing tonight.

He was destined to become a simultaneous interpreter.

He made it clear that he had nothing to do with the matter.

He wrote a sentence on the paper, but I didn't understand the sentence.

I lost the watch I had bought the day before.

You have nothing to lose.



Could you please transfer me to Mr. Smith?


Carsten is probably America's most talented artist.


In order to alleviate employment pressures, the nation has established a series of relevant policies.


I've worked with her.

The sight made my blood freeze.

Don't raise your voice.


The ship transports raw materials from Indonesia.


Lindsey said you could speak French.

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I am swearing at that jerk!

Do penguins live at the North Pole?

Gordon's prestige too is being eroded.

The couple wants to purchase a home.

I used to play here as a child.

Barring unforeseen circumstances, we'll be closed in a year's time.

I told you that you should buy a new one.

Shit, you couldn't have told me earlier?

My wish to go abroad is very strong.


The mail carrier delivers mail from door to door.

The waves are high.

Frankly speaking, I don't want to go with you.

Sanjay clicked off the light.

You think he's cute, don't you?

They caught up with him at the entrance.

Keith is always finding fault with others.


Johann told us some jokes.

Criminals should be punished.

I still don't see anything.

The teachers assembled their classes in the gymnasium.

After half-time the home team slowed the pace of the game.


We decided to put off the meeting until next Sunday.

I love apple juice.

Having lots of free time, I've decided to study French.

A man on the treadmill suddenly collapsed and went into full cardiac arrest.

I have already talked with this student.

I only need this one. You can throw the rest away.

I think everybody's hungry.

Not all girls are like that.

Lucius told me Devon wouldn't want to go.

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Neal is just coming down the stairs.

Who paid for it?

I've always admired you enormously.

I don't comment on their articles.

There's nothing like cottage cheese.

Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.

The problem was that I had nothing to say to him.

I felt relieved when my plane landed safely.

I'm on my way to one of my favorite places ever!

It seems that he knows something about that incident.

What else can I show you?

Who knows what could happen to me?

All that was left to our country were regrets and miseries.

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It was competitive.

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Honzo isn't very happy, is he?

The handyman was supposed to arrive at twelve noon, but got stuck in a traffic jam for a few hours.

You may never be able to walk again.


How could such an experienced pilot have made such a blunder?

Do really expect me to help you?

Shyam heard something and turned around to see what it was.

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Do you think I should stop him?

Charlie is always on time.

It was a wonderful surprise.

I'm wondering what'll happen if I push this button.

She invited me to eat.

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Is there any possible to recharge our mobile free of cost?

Children like climbing trees.

He belongs to the music club.

A wonder lasts but nine days.

Wood is made into various kinds of articles.

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You won't have a chance.

Curt always needs to have the last word.

Speaking French isn't easy.

Alright, mom, I get it!

Who runs the fastest of the three?

He is too busy dreaming dreams to plan what he will do in his old age.

Shahid is sleeping right now.

The boat capsized.

She gave me a meaningful look.

It's just a cover.

Let me stay with him just five more minutes.

The Royal Shakespeare Company is presenting The Merchant of Venice next week.

This is the reason I disagree with you.

I think you need to call them.

If a man can bridge the gap between life and death, if he can live on after he's dead, then maybe he was a great man.

This is difficult for us.

He was hurt and angry.

The dessert is still missing.

Christina isn't in yet.

Give me a minute and l'm good. lf l've got an hour, l'm great. You give me six months, l'm unbeatable.

I've lived in Realengo since 1993.

It's all one to me.

He traveled around the country.

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Why did he change his plans?

They pitched their tent on the beach.

Don't make it cheap.

I'm still not ready yet.

I don't know how to be more clear.

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Patrick heard that Joe and John had split up.

He wants to squish the spider.

Donna is very passionate, isn't he?

Janet is nice.

I couldn't tell what was real.


If I were abroad and I ran out of money, I would call my parents to ask for more.


Does Wendell follow soccer?

You're scum.

I thought you'd already made a decision.

I haven't been to Paris yet.

Your death will serve as an example.

I totally agree with them.

I sincerely hope that you will soon recover from your illness.

His parents hate him.

I'll go find her.

To work in medicine, you should have a vocation on it.

I believe in God, but not as one thing, not as an old man in the sky. I believe that what people call God is something in all of us. I believe that what Jesus and Mohammed and Buddha and all the rest said was right.

It sounds like we've got a deal.

The sales didn't amount to anything.

Klaus started his car and drove away.

Ira exceeded my expectations.

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Brenda is on his way.

I was discharged without notice.

There is an urgent need for the international community to help feed hungry children.


I got together with her mainly because we seemed to share the same feelings about things.

I love libraries.

She'll says everything and change nothing.

I guess that'll be OK.

That wasn't the intent.

Someone said something, but I could not understand it.

I have a dry cough.

Tyler is tired, and so am I.

I can't quarrel with my sister because she's too kind.

We are setting ourselves free from the fear of death.

A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!

I start at noon.

In the old days, when man was innocent, God sent his daughter to see the Earth.


I believed I was doing the right thing.

What would Ritchey say if he were alive today?

My mom got mad and yelled at me.

John is senior to Robert.

The debate on spending is pending.

There is no happy love.

I've been waiting for such a long time.

Put it on my tab.

Anna isn't working today.

They will arrive at six, and then we will all have dinner.

You're going to die.

Do you really want to pitch your tent this close to the river?

She is always busy.