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6pm - 10pm Friday 1st February

Bolt Action

Wizards and Warlords Games Club

The Role-Playing and Wargames Club in Truro, Cornwall

Welcome to Wizards and Warlords Games Club, your local gaming club in Truro, Cornwall. We play a huge variety of historical, fantasy and sci-fi wargames, role-playing games, tactical card games and board games in a fun and friendly environment.


Find like minded players for all your favourite wargames, including Warlord Games Bolt Action, Dystopian Wars, Malifaux, Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Mordheim, plus historical wargaming including Clash of Empires, Legends of the Old West and along with Battlefront Miniatures Flames of War and Blitzkrieg Commander in 15mm. More…

(215) 576-7811

We also have a weekly painting table available for members to paint your armies and build scenery. Swap hints and tips with painting enthusiasts, learn techniques to increase your army painting speed and improve your standard of painting. 862-244-4325

Role-Playing Games

From Pathfinder, Vampire: the Requiem and Dungeons and Dragons to Call of Cthulhu and more, you'll find players for nearly every role-playing game out there. Whether you're an aspiring Gamemaster, or just love to play, you'll find a campaign to join or enthusistic players for your game. More…

Board Games

Our members enjoy all kinds of tactical board games, including Pandemic, Jamaica, Zombicide, Ticket to Ride, Eldrich Horror and many more. Whether you're looking for opponents for one the these classic board games, or have a new game you'd like to try out, there are always members ready to take up the challenge. More…

(612) 388-0908

Members also have the opportunity to play all kinds of tactical, storytelling and collectible card games, like Magic the Gathering, in a welcoming, fun, atmosphere. 323-960-0283

What's on This Week

Check out what's on this week at Wizards and Warlords, for your weekly fix of wargaming, board gaming and roleplaying!

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How to Find Us

We meet every Friday evening from 6pm till 10pm at:

Conservative Club
80 Lemon Street

First meeting is free of charge.
Club nights £3.00 per week.