Sri. Nara Chandrababu Naidu

Sri. Nara Chandrababu Naidu

Hon'ble Chief Minister

Cinque Terre


(Managed by Tribal Corporation, Government of Andhra Pradesh)

Cinque Terre

Sri.Nakka Ananda Babu

Hon'ble Minister for Social and Tribal Welfare and Empowerment

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Software Developer in Apple Olive IT Solutions,

A leadership move for scheduled tribes
to create employment opportunities by the
Government of Andhra Pradesh.

Skill Development

The main objectives of the skill development is to enhance skills to global criteria through strong industry engagement and create essential frameworks for principles, educational programs, and quality affirmation. Improve, assist and organize private segment activities for ability advancement through suitable Public-Private Partnership (PPP) models; attempt for essential operational and monetary inclusion from the private zone.


Advancing our students with the top faculties and gearing up their career to the global level of placements. The government of Andhra Pradesh committed itself in supporting the students to be placed in their dream organizations and encouraging the scheduled tribes to make out bigger things. We are highly appreciated by each and every girijans for using this platform to the maximum level and fulfilling their dreams by giving a great hope for the upcoming students.

Career Guidance

Without the proper career guidance, there is no direction for skill and will. We trust our expertise faculties in giving the right guidance to individual requirements of each student by their overall performance. We concern every step of a student in a hierarchy to make best out of his skill and will. Our expertized professionals help the students to balance learning and leadership opportunities in a spiritual environment.


Andhra Pradesh government is enabling a higher amount of schemes to educate the tribes and giving lakhs of hopes to students in shaping their career. In this section, we have strived to give you a simple and eligible direct access toward data around a few plans of the Government and their different perspectives including qualified recipients, kinds of advantages, details of the scheme and so on.



Empowering girijans to engage effectively in financial life across all domains is necessary to shape healthier economies, accomplish globally concurred objectives for advancement and maintainability, and enhance the personal satisfaction of scheduled tribes. Our Empowerment Principles offer functional direction to business and the private part on the most proficient method to enable girijans in the working environment, marketplace, and society.


The corporate sector is a chief companion in deeds to advance girijans. In a world of corporate professionals, we are coming with the newer strategies to tackle every challenge faced by the tribes to accomplish their dreams. We exercise that unite certain enterprise required help administrations, served on specific information, best practices, and innovation to put forward our girijans.


Our analytics service tracks and provides extensive insights into each student's overall performance. With the potential data, we analyze and evaluate the student's achievement to figure out the individual requirements. We continuously monitor the tribes in decision making for their professional career and advance their skills with the statistical data. Our high-performance tool offers value-added functionality based on the derived data and makes student experience easier.