Donna Meredith is a professional writer, living in Tallahassee, Florida. Her career began in high school as feature story editor for the school paper. Spurred on by a good teacher, Meredith went on to earn a Masters in Journalism and a Specialized Teaching Credential in both English and Journalism. Most of her life she taught English and Journalism. Five years ago she retired and began doing what writers set out to do in the first place. Today, Donna Meredith is a writer.

Presently, Donna Meredith is; President of The Tallahassee Writers Association, a freelance journalist residing in Tallahassee, a wife, grandmother and hard working citizen of Florida's State Capital. She writes a column on environmental topics for the local newspaper and has contributed articles to Tallahassee Magazine. She is also, the current editor of the Seven Hills Review.