I attributed the delay in delivery to a traffic jam.

Hal and I bought our plane tickets three months in advance.

The rapid spin of the Earth along with the molten metallic core produces the Earth's magnetic field.

Haven't you gone too far?

You're just afraid you'll have to kiss Rakhal.

I am ready to serve you.


I don't care about being popular.

Alaska is a U.S. state.

Trang, when are you going to update Tatoeba?

When you want cooperation, share the responsibility.

I cried a lot.


Now I feel tired.

It's obvious that Angus lied.

I saw a lot of things that day.


Where did you learn to cook like this?


I always listen to you.

We'll talk with her on Monday.

More and more couples go on honeymoon trips abroad.

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I know that she is beautiful.


Please transfer 450 dollars to my account.


Malloy heard a voice behind him.

Woody is still pretty shook up.

Can you whistle?

Felix says he saw who crashed into James's car.

Nothing scares them.

This is completely useless.

I think Barrio did a really nice job.

All three men smiled.

The washing machine facilitates my housework.

Think realized that Torsten must be seeing someone else.

It's already cleared up.

I bought it at the vintage clothing store.

I think that the second part of your comment would make a great example sentence.


Would you like to turn it down a little?


When did you ask Kent?


We sped into the narrow track, hardly dropping any speed. "It's a short cut!" "Oi! It's a footpath!!"

Can I wait for him here?

Can you tell me who I need to talk to?


It was an incredible place.

Today, women's only consideration in marriage is probably if you love him or not, if he loves you or not, whether he is sincere and heartfelt towards you, whether there will be pressure with him, whether there will be happiness, and not what his possessions are!

They decided that Johannes should be the captain of the team.

Tanaka looks great, doesn't he?

She borrowed mine.


Page was standing near the end of the line.

I am concerned for her safety.

I just want you to be prepared.

Doyle asked me if I wanted to go to Boston with him.

I went to the station to see my friend off.

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Gerard was on the news last night.

What can you tell me about what happened?

It takes a lot of money to keep up such a big house.

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I actually don't know the answer.

No one has ever told me that before.

I made Mwa laugh today.


I didn't think Graham was your type.

She is not there.

I tried not to look disappointed.

Christmas approached.

Maybe something will turn up.

For how many hours can you sit in front of the television?

He ate chicken, along with salad and rolls.

I'm not cooking.

The United Nations makes efforts to keep the earth in a state of peace.


I helped Kerri do his homework.

I don't think that's what we should be doing.

You're starting to sound like your father.

That was different.

I can't put up with this noise anymore.

Is this your first visit?

Juha and Cristi kept their relationship hidden from their parents.

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He is a boy of singular intelligence.


He sat on a small rock and looked out to sea.

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Butler jotted down something in his notebook.

He didn't specify when he would return.

You're taller than I thought you'd be.

I can keep a secret.

Ahmet isn't mad.

Gregory gave Alfred everything she asked for.

How many do you have in stock?

The first time Hein ever saw Brett, he was wearing a beanie, strumming a ukulele, and singing an Irish ditty.

There's someone waiting for me.


It is difficult for him to buy a car.


I'm trying to help now.

My papa said no.

They caught up with him at the entrance.

Henry had his picture taken with Radek.

There's a chance Ric will be there.

No one can tell the reason.

Valentin is already waiting.

Jiro made a sketch of Mt. Fuji.

He has a good deal of intelligence for a child.

Now pull yourself together.

Many buildings in New York don't have a thirteenth floor.

Bradley said he would do it again.

Laura should've said "thank you."

He came early, as he had been asked to do.

If you would agree to answer some of the questions below, I would be extremely grateful.

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Please give me another chance.

Not only you but also he is in the wrong.

How could it have happened?

This dog is big.

This should become standard practice.


You've helped me a lot.

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Spring will arrive there soon.

We talked in sign language.

I don't think I said that.

A man came to see him.

Most people around here don't have electricity or running water.

I'm a little out of touch with new technology.

I've lost my watch and I can't find it.


Give me some more time.


Right now I am typing using electronic keyboard which plugged into a computer

She watched him eat.

Stanislaw didn't come to work today.

I helped Saumya fill out the application form.

You don't know how to drive as well as I do.

I didn't look at him.

You know Meeks was right.

Ed doesn't look troubled at all.

I saw her try to kiss you.

If there had been a problem, we'd have heard about it.

He stayed there some time.

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We all had a great time.

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That would not be wise.

This country has an aging population.

That's a good thing to have.

He is completely absorbed in his business.

I've become very interested in ancient art.

I think Pablo should be warned.

I think Dannie now understands.


Dan got angry and stormed out of the dining hall.


I'm glad you're pleased.

I've been trying to get Alejandro to take his medicine.

Did you leave a message?

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I've got someone with me.

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I'll take three of each kind.

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This is awful.

This must be difficult for you to understand.

Aluminum is a metal.


How badly was Teriann beaten?

Come on, you can have a swim in my pool.

I have many friends in foreign countries.

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I don't think Gale will want to go to the zoo with us.

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I am lots of fun.


If Theo had done that to me, I'd be furious.

Tandy is nearly twice your size.

I kind of miss George.


On the other hand, he had a different opinion.

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Christina wants to meet Jayesh again.

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This umbrella belongs to her.


There's one law for the rich, and another for the poor.

Yes, I've been there a couple of times.

He finished sorting the papers.

Mistakes like these, you make them often.

A thousand deaths will still be less than he deserves.

We'll accept your conditions.

This is a strange behaviour when it comes to rats.

This has never changed.

I'm looking for my glasses.