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to reimagine and transform health

ReThink Health's Vision

We envision an America in which all the sectors that affect health are led, designed, and financed in ways that foster healthy people and thriving communities.

  • Advancing Insights

    ReThink Health is developing a national snapshot of innovative, multi-sector partnerships and their role in reshaping the rapidly evolving health landscape across the country.

  • Demonstrating Progress

    Pueblo Triple Aim Corporation was awarded a three-year, $565,000 grant to improve the health of residents in Pueblo County, Colorado.

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  • Influencing Changemakers

    James Weinstein, head of Dartmouth Hitchcock Health, talks about what it will take to revolutionize health care and remove barriers to building a health system for the future.

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The ReThink Health Approach

We work with visionary leaders to transform health at the regional level – their neighborhoods, cities, counties, or states. We promote broad and systemic thinking that allows leaders to step outside their own frames of reference so they can better see how the various parts of the system interact in unexpected ways and determine how and where they can exert influence. Our hope is that by demonstrating regional success, we inspire transformation across the country.

Tools for Change

  • Stewarding Regional Health Transformation:

    Our multimedia Stewardship Guide helps leaders like you to be even more effective stewards of regional health transformation.

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    Our multimedia Financing Primer provides a concise introduction and orientation to the vast and rapidly changing arena of financing.

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    Pathway for Transforming Regional Health

    Our Pathway outlines the five phases communities need to progress through to transform health at a regional level, as well as how to avoid pitfalls along the way and leverage success.

  • System Dynamics Model

    Our Model helps leaders and teams test their own “what if….?” scenarios and develop priorities and strategies for significant system change.

The Rethinkers' Blog

Practical ideas and tools for leaders exploring the edges of health system transformation.


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